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Stephanie Xu

Stephanie Xu
Stephanie Xu

Stephanie Xu

Stephanie Xu is the founder and president of US-Asia Innovation Gateway(USAIG) which helps promote and facilitate investments exchange in all sectors between China and Silicon Valley. The mission of the organization is to promote investment and business communication and cooperation between China and the Silicon Valley to help create jobs of all types.

Ms. Xu is the First Vice President and Regional Market Development Manager for Northern California at East West Bank. She is responsible for leading the business development and product implementation of the bank’s China initiative. This includes advising and managing investors from China and local investors in the U.S., advising Chinese government and CEO delegations on U.S. market entry and growth strategy, and leveraging the bank’s licenses in China, Hong Kong and the U.S. Her past banking experience includes commercial real estate financing, commercial and industrial business financing and construction loan financing. In her 16 year banking career, she has worked with a wide range of types of customers including

private equity and venture capital firms, solar companies, commercial and residential real estate developers, Fortune 500 high tech companies, Stanford University and UC Berkley, national sport teams, food industries, life science and pharmaceutical industries, wineries, agriculture, fashion, hospitality and entertainment.

In Yr 2014, she has lead the first ever Silicon Valley Mayors’ delegation to visit China. This year, US-Asian Innovation Gateway has successfully organized a Select US Summit in Silicon Valley by inviting Mayors and Chinese entrepreneurs..

She is currently serving as a Co-Chair of Global Commercial Real Estate for Northern California Real Estate Association. She is also the Managing Director of China Chapter of Keiretsu Forum which is the largest angel investment forum in U.S. Ms. Xu has a masters degree from the Sorbonne University in Paris and a BA degree from Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, China. She speaks fluently English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghainese and French.

Stephanie Xu , 徐丽雯是位于美国硅谷的美亚创新促进会会长和创始人. 协会的宗旨是构筑美国与亚洲各国创新中心和文化的交流平台。她也是美中硅谷协会的创始人。

Ms. Xu是华美银行的第一副总裁以及北加州的区域市场发展经理。她负责银行与中国合作方面的业务发展和产品执行,包括为来自中国和美国当地的投资者,中国政府和中国企业代表团提供开拓和发展美国市场的策略咨询,通过和各区域中心和移民律师的紧密合作. 她在商业地产借贷,企业借贷,以及大型建筑贷款方面有丰富的经验。 在银行业17年的职业生涯中, Ms. Xu 和不同领域的客户合作过,包括私营企业,风险投资公司,太阳能公司,商业和住宅地产开发商, 500强高科技公司, 斯坦福大学, 伯克利大学, 国家体育队, 食品业, 生命科学和医药行业, 酒商,农业,时尚及娱乐业等。

在2014年, 由她发起的首届硅谷市长中国行圆满成功。 今年美亚创新促进会成功地在硅谷举办了由美国商务部和美领馆发起的以选择美国为主题的市长与中国企业家论坛。

Ms. Xu目前是加州商业房地产国际部联合主席。她同时是美国最大的天使投资集团-Keiretsu Forum中国分会的常务董事。Ms. Xu在中国广州的中山大学获得学士学位, 并获得法国巴黎Sorbonne大学的硕士学位.

Madison Nguyen

Madison Nguyen

Former Vice Mayor of San Jose

Madison Nguyen
Madison Nguyen

 Madison Nguyen was elected to the San Jose City Council in 2005, the first Vietnamese American to serve on the city council of any major metropolitan area in the United States.  On January 25, 2011, Nguyen was sworn in as San Jose’s first Vietnamese American Vice Mayor. She served on the City Council for more than 9 years with four years as Vice Mayor.

Madison’s advocacy and expertise include issues and projects relating to affordable housing, economic development, environment, public safety, transportation, and education.


Prior to her election to the San Jose City Council, Madison served as the President of the Franklin-McKinley Board of Education and has taught at De Anza and Evergreen Valley colleges.  She published her first book, “Vietnam to America: My Journey of Dreams” in 2012.


Madison received her bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and her master’s degree from the University of Chicago.



在她成为市议员之前,她曾是富兰克林麦金来教育委员会的主席并执教于狄安塞大学和常青谷大学。她于2012年出版了其第一本书:“Vietnam to America: My Journey of Dreams”。麦迪逊在加州大学圣克鲁兹分校获得学士学位并于芝加哥大学获得硕士学位。

Michelle Kraus

Michelle Kraus

Michelle Kraus
Michelle Kraus

Michelle Kraus strategically advises and connects companies, nonprofits, governments, global leaders, and donors all over the world. Blending her well-honed skills as a tech executive, she has helped build digital technology companies, completed turnarounds of big and small, incubated new technologies, raised monies, and acted as an adviser to start-up CEO’s, big company executives, and their boards — as management, a consultant and/or a trusted adviser.

She’s been the facilitator to waves of innovation from her offices in Silicon Valley. Whether she is working with entrepreneurs in this country or abroad, advising the start of TEDx groups, or arranging business partnerships — Michelle is passionate about people, innovation and new ideas. In a nutshell, Dr. Michelle Kraus is a results oriented social entrepreneur, C-level executive, strategic and political adviser.

Current clients range from enabling video curation to working on the formation of new social ventures. As a syndicated blogger, Michelle has been a commentator on the political landscape, technology, innovation and social ventures. She speaks regularly on bridging politics and technology with her most recent TEDx talk focused on Politics 3.0.

Specialties: Strategy, Business Development, Technology, Social Media, Innovation, Development, and Crisis Management

Current Board and Advisory positions:

•Adviser to, a leading social and curation video platform

•Board Member, She Heroes, a 501C.3 dedicated to engaging young girls with diverse, professional role models

•Member, President Obama’s National Finance Committee

•Member, National Advisory Council on STEM Education at the request of Congressman Mike Honda

•Expert, White Collar financial cases specific to venture capital and private equity financing






咨询师 Waywire 热门视频推送网站

董事 She Heroes 帮助年轻女性职业发展与多样化的非盈利机构

成员 奥巴马总统财务委员会

成员 国家咨询委员会—STEM教育项目

专家 风险投资与私募融资领域白领财务状况研究

Robert Kieve

Robert Kieve

Robert Kieve
Robert Kieve

Robert Kieve was born in Jersey City, attended school in Massachusetts and graduated from Harvard College in 1943. During World War II, he was Information Officer of the American Embassy in Madrid, engaged in American propaganda efforts. He produced several weekly programs on what was then Radio Madrid’s national network, wrote Spain’s first book on radio broadcasting (El Arte Radiofonico, published in 1945) and created a school for radio actors, writers and directors. After the war, he was active in broadcasting in upstate New York and worked as a writer for CBS radio and television in New York City. In 1953 he became a writer on the White House staff of President Eisenhower. In 1957 he became general manager of an AM/FM pair of radio stations in Rochester, NY, and in 1967 he formed Empire Broadcasting corporation, the company which currently owns and operates Radio Stations KLIV and KRTY, which regularly carry his commentaries. He has served as Chairman of the Board of the San Jose Chamber of Commerce, as President of the San Jose Rotary Club, and he has been active in a large number of other organizations, including Symphony Silicon Valley, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and the San Jose Capital Club.


Yan Zhao 赵岩

Yan Zhao

Zhao Yan Yan Zhao is the Chief Writer of Road to Innovation. The Documentary is a key project of CCTV for 2015 and coproduced with National Department of Technology of P. R China. It is about global entrepreneurship and innovation. The documentary filmed more than 10 most innovative countries and talked with those most innovative minds globally and including founder of Facebook Mark Zukerberg, CEO of Y-Combinator, policy makers from Europe to America, more than 15 Nobel laureates and most innovative star ups.

Before this project, Yan has been a financial columnist & writer for premier international and local medias for ten years, including Reuters/Financial Times/Investor Journal and the China Dealmaker. She coveres macro economics\financial policy\techlnology and keeps getting appraisal from principal Chinese economic scholars & officials.

She supervised Reuters Beijing reporting team from 2002 to 2005 and took the responsibility of establishing & maintaining relationship with key central government institutions such as China Central Bank. She interviewed more than 100 central government officials and top business figures such as CEO of Fortune 500, Chairman of Chinese blue-chip firms, and coordinated an exclusive interview with Premier Minister Wen Jiabao by the Reuters Chief-Editor in 2004.

She was a reporter of Special Correspondent Department of Guangzhou Daily News group. Achieved Guangzhou News Awards 1999/2000 in the first-year.

She was Shell student manager trainee before graduation and Chief editor of campus magazine. She is a major of Law in International Politics and minor of economics of Peking University.



2005年赴美后赵岩一直撰写宏观 经济、金融政策和科技专栏,为包括路透社、金融时报、第一财经、博鳌论坛等中外一线媒体发表作品或担任专栏作家,在赴美前赵岩是路透社北京中文部负责人,负责中央政府监管机构在内的客户维护和包括宏观经济、金融政策和科技在内的重大新闻采写,并培训新人。任内建立了路透的清华实习生项目,沿用至今。